Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Joni Seith says to let Him love you

This is one of the most encouraging interviews I have ever listened to, with Joni Seith, a Jewish convert to Catholicism. In the midst of her suffering (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder causing her muscles to easily separate from her bones, and fibromyalgia), she has found the love of God.

This one hour interview is for everyone, especially for those who have been suffering terribly. She discusses how her faith in God, and her conversion to Catholicism, has impacted her life. Her message is genuine, inspiring, and loving. She is probably on her way to becoming a saint!

Here are some of her words of encouragement:
I think it has to be a leap in faith.
He loves you anyway inspite of yourself, He knows you better than anyone.
He loves you that much. Look at the crucifix. He loves you that much!
Let Him love you at this time.
How do you do that?
Just by saying, help.
Help me God.
Help me to know you love me.
Help me to feel your love.
Help me to accept your love.
And just, just be a child in His hands.
Ask God (if you can do one thing) to pick you up where you are at in your sufferings and hurting, and place you in His heart, and then just rest there. Try to rest there, and He'll show you.
Pick me up and hold me God.
Just try that. I guarantee you will be happy with Him.