Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Catholic media covering Catholic stuff

Synod play-by-play - click image to watch video
This is a terrific play-by-play (on the right) that describes what happened during the Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops (5-19 October 2014), which produced the highly controversial interim report: Relatio post disceptationem.

It explains how the minority liberal progressives were being manipulative, and tried to ram through its agenda, but failed due to the uprising of the majority.

Cardinal George Pell from the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia discusses it beautifully (below).


Apple and Facebook are putting their eggs in the wrong freezer

By Lea Singh | 20 October 2014

Apple and Facebook are on the cutting edge all right, cutting the "wo" right off the word "woman." In their latest bid for coolness, they will apparently fund up to $20,000 for their female employees to freeze their eggs, so that these employees can choose to delay motherhood while they climb up the corporate ladder.

There are so many things wrong with this policy, how to begin? Let me count the ways that this supposedly generous move actually slaps women on the face.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thank you LifeSiteNews!

Thank you very much LifeSiteNews for your hard work in getting all of this great news out to your readers. God bless you!

LifeSiteNews praises Michael Voris' coverage

"If so, it is hard to interpret a homily from Pope Francis on the morning
of October 13, 2014, the day the controversial “mid-term” report was released, 
creating a firestorm inside and outside the Synod, as anything other than
the pope strongly hinting at his views on this, and possibly other controversies
at the ongoing Synod.", John-Henry Westen

"Small group of 'radicals' has failed in their attempt to push the Synod
to accept homosexuality, cohabitation, and other changes
of Catholic moral teaching.", Cardinal Pell

"So that I can do my job I respectfully ask you to do yours."
Father Dwight Longenecker

Following a revolt of the bishops inside the Vatican Synod on the Family,
the full summaries of the 10 working groups working on the final document
have been published, after the bishops themselves voted to make the text
of the summaries public. Originally only a brief summary was to be published.
John-Henry Westen

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What gender are you?

Here's what happens when God is rejected and Judeo-Christian values are removed from the public square. Society becomes secular, moral relativism and philosophical materialism kick in, and everything gets turned upside down. New terms suddenly appear in the dictionary, and previous definitions get reversed (sample terms below).
  • cisgender
  • gender diverse
  • transgender
  • he/she = ze
  • him/her = here
  • unusual = normal


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Euthanasia is medical murder

Dr. Leiva speaks well against euthanasia
October 15, 2014
By Dr. Peggy Norris

Dr. Peggy Norris is a British medical doctor who was in practice with her husband for 31 years. Her work caring for victims of concentration camps after World War II, awakened her interest in medical ethics. Dr. Norris is a Founder and charter member of the World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Life. She has sponsored a number of conferences on medical ethics and edits a quarterly newsletter for the British Medical Education Trust.

Nowadays euthanasia is defined as the killing of a sick person by a doctor, (supposedly) at his or her request. It is the one story that is guaranteed maximum media and news coverage worldwide. The killer is praised for his courage and humaneness, whilst the victim is “fortunate” to have been released from a “useless, poor quality” life — which was also proving to be an economic and emotional drain on hospital and social services and the family; not to mention the patient's estate or family finances. Thus everyone benefits except the corpse.

The killer is particularly favoured because to date none of the corpses have returned to testify as to whether their death experience was willed — for happy release or a nightmare as the trusted physician administered the poison.

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