Monday, September 1, 2014

Francis tells Gaza priest - ‘Be strong, have courage and keep going’

By Carol Glatz, September 1, 2014

The priest leading the Gaza Strip’s only Catholic parish has met Pope Francis at the Vatican and thanked him for his support of those suffering in the war-torn territory.

Argentine Fr Jorge Hernandez of the Institute of the Incarnate Word had a 45-minute private meeting with the Pope on August 29, just days after the start of a truce between Israel and Hamas, which controls the coastal territory.

The 36-year-old priest told Vatican Radio that the Pope continued to offer his prayers and encouragement.

He said the Pope told him: “The Gospel demands the sacrifices that Jesus Christ asks of every one of us, everywhere. It’s up to you to give witness to Jesus Christ there, in the land that saw him suffer, that saw him die, that also saw him, however, come back from the dead. So, be strong, have courage, keep going!”

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Priests with talent

(April 30th, 2014)

This is a good one from Rome at the Rector's Dinner!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Edmonton teacher fired for giving zeroes for not doing homework, tests wins appeal

The Canadian Press (Aug 29, 2014)

EDMONTON – An Alberta appeal board says the Edmonton Public School Board was unfair in suspending and firing teacher who gave out zeros to his students.

Lynden Dorval was suspended in May 2012 and fired four months later for awarding zeros to students who did not hand in homework or take assigned tests.

Dorval appealed to the Board of Reference and it has ruled that Dorval was treated unfairly in his dismissal.

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Middle-East meets Middle-Earth

photo credit: StevePoulsen via photopin cc
A good friend of mine (a priest) passed on this article to me. In the article, the author criticizes the Catholic Church for its failure to properly recognize the evil nature of Hamas, and to support Israel. I'm looking forward to reading more of William Kilpatrick's books and essays.

Middle-East Meets Middle-Earth
By William Kilpatrick
First Things, July 21, 2014

Thank you Netanyahu and may God give us more [people] like you to destroy Hamas!”

What’s this? The ravings of a fundamentalist Jewish settler in Gush Etzion? Congratulations from a Christian Zionist hunkered down in his bomb shelter somewhere in the Deep South?

Actually, no. It’s a Twitter message sent out by Azza Sami, who writes for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram. Her sentiments are widely shared in Egypt. Why? Because the Egyptians have had firsthand experience of what the Muslim Brotherhood does once it gets in power and they know that Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and, if anything, far more brutal than the Egyptian version. They also know that Hamas allied itself with the Muslim Brotherhood in its assaults on Egyptian soldiers and citizens. Speaking for many Egyptians, actor Amr Mustafa told Palestinians they should not expect any relief aid from Egypt until they “get rid of Hamas.” He added, “We’ve had enough of what you did to our country.”

Hamas are terrorists pure and simple. The Egyptians get it. Why doesn’t the Western media get it? Why don’t Western leaders get it? And why don’t Christian leaders get it?

In the war of public opinion that surrounds the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the press, the prime ministers, and the prelates invariably take the Hamas-Palestinian side. The Palestinian propagandists can count on the media to run footage of dead and wounded Palestinians, just as they can count on Church leaders (both Catholic and Protestant) to bemoan the “slaughter of the innocents.” They can also rely on world leaders to condemn the “cycle of violence”—as though there were a moral equivalence between the actions of the Palestinians and the actions of the Israelis.

But there is no moral equivalence. To paraphrase Churchill, never in the history of human conflict has one side (Israel) done so much to protect the lives of civilians on the other side. Conversely, never has an opposing force shown so little regard for civilian lives—either that of their enemy or of their own people.

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