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Vatican gay lobby held secret meeting

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Canada in the 'evil 7' club - allows excruciating fetal pain

As a Canadian, it saddens me to have to admit that Canada is still among the 'evil 7' countries in the world that allows unborn children to be aborted after 5 months right up to birth. Pure and simply, Canada accepts this genocide in the name of women's rights. How ridiculous. After reviewing the facts below, I hope you'll agree that it's high time we start protecting unborn children, and recognize their right to life over and above the right of women to choose abortion.

The Evil 7 Club

North Korea
United States of America

At least the United States of America is trying to get out of the club with its H.R.36 - Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act having Passed the House. America is finally recognizing advances made in modern science about the severity of fetal pain.

The Science is Conclusive

The fact is that unborn babies feel excruciating pain during an abortion. The science is conclusive on this. Dr. Jean A. Wright, testified as follows at a Congressional subcommittee hearing:
After 20 weeks of gestation [18 weeks post-fertilization], an unborn child has all the prerequisite anatomy, physiology, hormones, neurotransmitters, and electrical current to close the loop and create the conditions needed to perceive pain. The development of the perception of pain begins at the sixth week of life. By 20 weeks [18 weeks post-fertilization], and perhaps even earlier, all the essential components of anatomy, physiology, and neurobiology exist to transmit painful sensations from the skin to the spinal cord and to the brain.

There is no question, biologically speaking, about whether an unborn child can feel pain by 20 weeks post-fertilization. By 18 weeks post-fertilization, nerves link pain receptors to the brain s thalamus (the pain processing center). By 18 weeks post-fertilization, the cerebral cortex (the region of the brain associated with higher mental functions) has acquired a full complement of neurons, meaning all of the neurons are present, though not all the connections in the cortex are fully developed until later. EEG activity, a recording of electrical activity in the brain, appears for the first time at 18 weeks post-fertilization, showing the integrity of the circuitries of the cortex and the thalamus.
David A. Prentice, Ph.D., Vice President and Research Director of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, elaborated further on the science of fetal pain in a radio interview with Point of View.

The following is a brief excerpt from the interview (May 12, 2015):
Young babies still in the womb at 20 weeks after conception, and probably even earlier, do indeed feel pain, and in fact, may feel more intense pain than a newborn or an adult.
Eighteen of the twenty pain regions lit up in babies, eighteen of the twenty that are the same as adults, and at four times as sensitive.
There’s another deeper layer that forms early in your brain called the thalamus, deep inside your brain. It forms even earlier in development – probably about 8 to 12 weeks is when you start to see it forming, and those nerve tracks already connect to the thalamus by the time you are 20 weeks after conception, or after fertilization.

In fact, there are individuals who are born without the cerebral cortex, and they feel pain. We know that for a fact.

So, you don’t need that cortical layer to actually feel pain. What you need are these deeper parts of the brain and simply the neural tracks for sensation. And those are definitely formed, intact, and responding by twenty weeks after conception.
I know your listeners have probably seen that famous photo of the little hand reaching out of the womb grabbing the doctor’s finger. Little Samuel Armas, he was operated at an age about that same time, about five months after conception … He was operated on while he was still in the womb. And [these fetal surgeons] know that these little ones feel pain. They see the responses, there is plenty of evidence for that.

They give anesthetic and pain medicine directly to the unborn baby, it’s not relying just on an anesthetic for mom. In fact, it’s interesting, I came across one of the studies where they were talking about the success of doing these operations while the little babies are still in the womb, and they talked about how they address, beforehand, the mom…
In fact, it’s interesting: the leading clinical anesthesia textbook says it’s clear that these little unborn babies can experience pain as early as 16 weeks after conception, definitely by twenty. [It says] that these little unborn babies – they  use the medical term “fetus” – that they are a patient, and that it is critical to administer anesthesia directly to them.
Will our Canadian politicians ever have the guts to do something about this?

Pray, pray, pray for the unborn and their mothers who are considering abortion, and our politicians, may they listen to their consciences, and allow their backbones to be hardened.