Friday, July 24, 2015

Infiltration of the Church exposed!

The Lepanto Institute has been doing great work to uncover anti-Catholic positions within the Catholic Church. Global Catholic aid agencies and Catholic social justice agencies, which are directly controlled by the Vatican's umbrella organization, Caritas Internationalis, have been supporting these anti-Catholic positions:
  • - Marxism
  • - communism
  • - homosexuality
  • - contraception
  • - abortion
Please watch this excellent interview on America's Survival (video below) with Michael Hichborn, President of The Lepanto Institute. Some Bishops within the Church are encouraging Hichborn to continue his good work in exposing these problems within the Church.

The Lepanto Institute also encourages Catholics to refrain from donating to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development when collection baskets go around in November 2015. Perhaps consider donating to Aid to the Church in Need.

It certainly is puzzling why the Church seems to be working with the enemies of the Church, as discussed in the video.

Keep up the great work Michael Hichborn. You are a service to the Church and to the truth. By exposing these evils, there's hope for change.

Pray for the enemies of the Church!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pell for Pope!

A Catholic friend of mine has already asked me if we should start taking bets on how many days it will take for Pope Francis to demote Cardinal Pell, just as he demoted Cardinal Burke to Malta (these two Cardinals happen to be among my favourites). I'm not a betting man in general, but I do think (sadly) that it could happen within the next few months, before the Synod in October.

I loved Pope Benedict XVI, and was very sad when he retired, but at least he set a precedent for Pope Francis to follow. While Pope Francis continues to be a left-wing, ideological Pope for non-Catholics, I can't wait for this bad dream to end.

Pell for Pope, Pell for Pope!

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Pregnancy: Defying doctors and trusting in God

This is an amazing story about perseverance, trust, and hope. The doctors and hospital staff were all wrong!

By John Jalsevac
July 17th, LifeSiteNews

Thank you Cardinal Pell for speaking up!

Cardinal George Pell,
Cardinal-Prefect of the
Secretariat for the Economy